Maternity Bras

Maternity Bras

Pregnancy leads to numerous changes in the lifestyle of the woman. Once a mother is expecting, she has to adjust clothing, diet, work schedule, exercise regime as well as underwear. However, in spite of revolutions to make, some factors have much impact although taken lightly at times. Such include footwear and also underwear including bras. Most women go for nursing bras immediately after delivering but then these maternity bras come along with numerous benefits if worn before deliverance.

Unlike the normal bras, maternity bras from Singapore are quite different. These bras feature stretchable cotton tissues which flexibility allowing the bra capture breasts’ shape even when they have grown bigger. Pregnant mums can tell of the irritation and discomfort which comes with wearing the bra you are used to wear daily during the maternity period.

At such times, the normal bras do not well fit or else the lace bars at such times just chafe leading to irritation. Normal bras have not incorporated enough capacity for accommodating changes which come along during pregnancy. Such changes could be sensitivity and size of the breasts.

Therefore, maternity bras have great importance to mums which include:

  1. Comfort

Maternity bras do not come with an underwire but still offer the same breasts support. Unlike normal bras which come with the underwire such that it offers support. The underwire is not good for mums in maternity as they push the breast hence pressing the tissue resulting in swells and aches.

In addition, these maternity bras also have an underlining made of cotton which is quite comfortable. This reduces sensitivity resulting from chafing and also covers larger area of the breasts.

  1. For good health

Some researches which are still been carried out have shown that underwire fitted in normal bras exerts a lot of pressure on breast and this may cause milk ducts to block. In extremes, it may result in mastitis which is an extremely uncomfortable condition.

Maternity bras on the other hand come with supportive and comfortability benefit. With such they ensure free circulation of blood within the breasts’ soft tissue.

  1. Relaxation and maintenance of breasts’ shape

Maternity bras by provide some sense of relaxation for the mother. While a mum is expecting, the breasts tend to grow in size and height. With the rough and thin straps fitted in ordinary bras, it might be quite irritative to rely on such for support of the weight which is quite higher.

Maternity bras are fitted with wide and strong straps which are so comfortable. Since the surface are is wide, the strap cannot pinch or pull hence spreading equally the pressure then easing any fatigue which comes along with maternity.

Although it worries most mums that putting on a bra with no underwire makes the breasts look sagged but it’s not the case with maternity bras. The restrictive wire contrarily leads to fluids accumulating as well as the soft tissue hence breast sag and loose shape.

Maternity bras will hold in shape the mum’s breasts ensuring feel and size of breasts remain. It also minimizes gravity effects hence maintain shape.